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AdAc is a professional partner for your company, with audit, accounting, payroll and human resources and tax advisory services on the highest level.

Our services are available throughout Poland, for every type of business.


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Our constantly developing team of specialists watches over the correctness of the payroll procedures.

They’re becoming optimized and more efficient, all thanks to the professionals with wide legal and practical knowledge.

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We take care of preparing the data for payroll calculations and meeting the legal criteria.

In a professional way, we deal with formalities of hiring a new employee, managing his or her documentation and possible release.

We take care of the human potential of your company in an expert way.

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We have extensive experience in bookkeeping according to polish accounting act, as well as, per client’s request, in a way enabling reports meeting the requirements of capital groups (polish and foreign).

Our constant supervision over the complete accounting of your company is a service, that puts your business in professional hands.

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We advise our clients on income tax, tax on goods and services and civil law transaction tax, preparing opinions, representing them in front of the tax authorities and administrative Court.

We help in choosing the optimal solutions for both specific tax problems, as well as for complex strategies that we develop.

We can also prepare documentations of transfer prices.

adac audit inic

We have extensive experience in reviewing financial reports for companies varying in size and business type.

ofessionally and effPriciently we conduct balance examinations and audits of projects realized as part of the European Programs.


In onPoint we deliver modern HR solutions.

Our IT solutions are already used by several thousand employees.

Together with our clients we have developed useful, simple and intuitive tools for electronical timesheets and documentation archivisation.

Our applications automate and simplify the documentation workflow. They support communication inside the company with the employee portal.

Thanks to onPoint electronical settlement of business trip expenses is fast and simple, and competency database is fully automated thanks to the soft HR module.

  • Faster information workflow
  • Removing paper documentation
  • Very fast implementation, in a few days
  • No investment outlays
  • 24/7 availability

are the highest valued traits of onPoint.

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For 12 years we have provided the services of payroll, human resources administration, accounting and tax advisory.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the branch, procedures and our clients expectations we can proudly say, that we are one of the leading service providers for the BPO, SSC and ITO sectors.

Over 20 BPO/SSC/ITO centers decided to trust us, and among our companies there are companies with over 1000 employees.


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