The Policy of Privacy

  • General information
      1. The Operator of the website is AdAc Sp. z o.o. with headquater at 30-633 Kraków, Walerego Sławka 8A in Poland. The company is enlisted in polish National Court Register (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy) under the number KRS 0000162585 in Kraków-Śródmieście Division no. IX. The share capital equals 50.000 PLN. REGON: 356711640, NIP: 677-22-11-154. The Board of owners consists of: Sławomir Szurman (President), Jarosław Wdowiak (Vice President).
      2. The webpage carries out the process of gathering information as follows:
        1. through voluntary data input via questionnaires,
        2. through saving cookies,
        3. through collecting logs of WWW server.
  • Information in questionnaires
      1. The page collects data freely given by the user.
      2. The page might register information on connection parameters (time, IP address).
      3. Data from questionnaires are not handed over to any third party, unless the user states so.
      4. Data given via questionnaires are processed only to fulfil goals set by that questionnaire, ex. in order to handle an application form or business contact information.
  • Information on cookie files
      1. The web site uses cookies files.
      2. Cookies are information package utilised by most sites. Particularly, those are text files (stored on the end-user’s computer and available for websites to enable cooperation). Usually, the cookies consists of: page name of their origin, time span of storage in gives computer and unique ID number.
      3. Entity which place those files (the cookies) into the end-user’s device and has access to them is the Operator of the site.
      4. The cookie files are used to:
        1. prepare statistics, which helps understanding who and in what manner uses the site – allowing the Operator to better the services. It is also connected to page positioning,
        2. change layout and versions of the page,
        3. maintain User’s session (after logging in) so the User doesn’t need to re-log on each subpage (this data is deleted after each session),
        4. adjust content, language preferences and other setting of the page (by recognizing the end-device),
        5. restricting pop-up communications display depending on its type and function,
        6. manage the cash-memory in order to adjust period of page display of each session.
      5. The page uses 2 basic types of cookie files: the session cookies and the persistent cookies. The former are stored on the end-user’s device and are deleted after the each session (log out, end of page display, closing the browser). The latter are kept on the device fer established period of time or until they are deleted.
      6. Program incorporated to view the page (browser) usually allows storing the cookies (as a default). The user can change the setting in that matter. Browsers enables to delete some or all of the cookie files or to set an automatic blockage of one or more pages. Additional information can be found in help section of one or more pages.
      7. Restrictions set on cookies might dave an influence on some functions of the page and services provided by the Operator.
      8. It is encouraged to read the Policy of privacy regarding rules of using cookies fo analysis: The Policy of Privacy of Google Analytics.
      9. More information on cookie files can be found on:
  • Server’s logs
      1. Information on some activities of users are stored on the server and are used specifically for administration purposes.
      2. Handled data are identified by URL adresses. Additional data can be stored:
        1. time of request’s arrival,
        2. time of respond,
        3. name of user’s station – identification via HTTP protocol,
        4. information on errors during HTTP transaction,
        5. URL address of previously visited page (referrer link) – when access to the Page happened via referref link,
        6. information on user’s browser,
        7. information on IP address.
      3. All of those data is directly associated with particular person that visits the page.
      4. All of those data is utilised in order to manage the site and server exclusively.
  • Data sharing
      1. Data can be made available to outside contractors only within legal boundaries.
      2. Data enabling user’s identification can be shared with third party only by user’s permission.
      3. The Operator might be obliged to share data gathered by the Page with authorities. Access to the data is possible within legal boundaries and preceded by appropriate demand.
  • Cookie files management – how to grant and cancel permission?
    1. If the User doesn’t wish to receive cookies, he/she can change setting of the browser.
      Disabling cookie files on your browser (especially those necessary for accreditation, security, maintaining preferences settings) might hinder or even prevent Page usage.